Celebrate Artweek in the city centre by taking a visit to our many galleries to check out some truly incredible exhibitions on display. Here are some of our favourites to check out, but for the full list of must-see exhibitions during Artweek, click here.

Auckland Art Gallery: 

Fa'ani and RobRo present discovery

Fa’ani and RoBro present DiscoVERY 

Coinciding with the exhibition 'Pacific Sisters: He Toa Tāera | Fashion Activists' Fa’ani and RoBro present DiscoVERY at the Auckland Art Gallery’s Todd Foundation Creative Learning Centre. The DiscoVERY space is set up for dancing, and you're encouraged to take part!  Your dance moves will be transformed in a live video feed using echo effects chosen by the artists. 

Living Portraits

Living Portraits 

This is a must-see exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery. Gottfried Lindauer (1839–1926) and Charles F Goldie (1870-1947) are New Zealand’s most renowned colonial portrait painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Their portraits continue to captivate viewers today as much as they did when they were first created more than 100 years ago.

Gow Langsford Gallery: 

Toby Raine

Heroines and Heroin by Toby Raine 

Toby Raine has a distinctive approach to painting. Moving oil paint across the surface of the canvas, his strokes are confident, rough and expressive. Taking an image or a photograph as a starting point, Raine’s work ends up in a terrain between representation and abstraction. Check out his exhibition at Gow Langsford from October 2-26. 

Hugo Koha Lindsay

Hugo Koha Lindsay 

A stunning new exhibition from abstract painter, Hugo Koha Lindsay. Lindsay adopts marks from both the personal surroundings of his home and studio and from the wider urban environment and his latest works are a stunning representation of this. Head to Gow Langsford to check it them out for yourself. 

 Bowerbank Ninow Gallery: 


Level 9

Level 9 is a new exhibition by artist Ry David Bradley. The artist continues his investigation around questions of physicality, process and the art object in the global digital ecosystem. His new works, woven on a mechanical loom using a three-colour process that echoes the RGB values of an LED screen, are painterly manipulations of the manufacturing mechanisms of the global supply chain.

Trish Clark Gallery: 

Eemyun Kang

This Path Is Made By Walking 

Trish Clark Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by Eemyun Kang in Australasia. Kang’s work has been exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. Referencing mythology, folklore, psychology and mycology, Kang handles these themes with a deep curiosity. Her paintings alternate between figuration and abstraction, using gestural and energetic brushstrokes to create elaborate mysterious but suggestive works on very varied scales. With a vocabulary that incorporates a range of biomorphic forms, Kang’s subjects are never quite as they seem. 

Gus Fisher Gallery: 

The Shouting Valley

The Shouting Valley 

'The Shouting Valley' features an intimate grouping of artists in dynamic dialogue whose politically motivated and activating work asks us to engage in urgent discussions of injustice in order to effect change. Visit this thought provoking exhibition while it's on at Gus Fisher Gallery from September 28 to December 14 and head to the gallery for a special interactive event as part of Late Night Art on October 15. 

Ellen Melville Centre: 

Nori Korean Art Exhibition

Nori 놀이 

“Nori” is a group exhibition of works by Korean-New Zealander artists. Nori, or 놀이 in Korean, can be translated as play, playtime, and recreation in English, and refers to any activity that is usually accompanied by a set of rules and carried out by a group of people to entertain themselves as well as others. In Nori, Auckland-based artists Julia J Kim, Jae Hoon Lee (Robert Heald Gallery), Seung Yul Oh (Starkwhite), Joon-Hee Park (OrexArt) and Hanna Shim (Whitespace) will present a diverse range of existing works, including videos, digital prints, paintings, and participatory projects, that can be reread and encountered in relation to the various connotations of Nori, from entertainment to mental exercises and sensory engagement. 

Silo 6, Wynyard Quarter 



Shining a light on creativity made after dark. Moonlight is an exhibition of artists from divergent spheres brought together to shine a light on creativity, technology and community. Students of all ages combine with professional artists to reveal how creativity connects all of New Zealand. At the heart of the exhibition is a showcase of AR technology that brings concept of creative connection to life in the palm of your hand.  


Last updated: 23 October 2019