Auckland’s bustling city centre is home to some of New Zealand’s most exciting and important art galleries. As the country's premier centre for arts and culture the city boasts a diverse range of permanent and temporary exhibitions which can be enjoyed throughout the year. Spend the day strolling from gallery to gallery and prepare to be inspired by groundbreaking local and international talent.

Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery | Cnr Kitchener St and Wellesley St

An absolute essential on the gallery circuit, Auckland Art Gallery houses an incredible permanent collection of historical works from around New Zealand and overseas. Opening its doors in 1888 the gallery has experienced much change in the transformation of the building and the expansion of their goals and values. Look out for the highly anticipated Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition coming on October 15. 

Gow Langsford Gallery

Gow Langsford Gallery Kitchener St | Cnr Kitchener St and Wellesley St

This second display space offered by the Gow Langsford group is often used to assist their Lorne street exhibitions, though here is where you will find their editions and multiples collection. A beautiful space in its own right, take advantage of the interesting dynamic that plays out between the two galleries by visiting one after the other.

Kura Gallery

Kura Gallery | 95A Customs St W

Kura Gallery showcases artworks unique to Aotearoa and exhibits an extensive range of original, quality Maori and New Zealand made art and design. The gallery is in a unique position of being a licensed stockist for ‘Toi Iho’, the mark of authenticity and quality for Maori arts and crafts. 

Gus Fisher Gallery

Gus Fisher Gallery | 74 Shortland St

A unique gallery in both physical form and curated content, the Gus Fisher is located within a newly refurbished 1934 Grade I listed heritage building. Dedicated to exploring ideas outside of the established ‘white cube’ traditions of contemporary galleries the Gus Fisher enjoys a vibrant artistic programme which aims to create socially relevant exhibitions around pressing contemporary topics. Opening in late September ‘The Shouting Valley’ collaborative exhibition, a series of video works explores contemporary conditions of human migration and seeks to question the Western privilege of freedom of movement.

Last updated: 19 September 2022