246 Queen Street. Image: Wilshire Group

246 Queen Street. Image: Wilshire Group

Queen Street into the future

What’s ahead for our golden mile?

Some big changes are being discussed for Auckland city centre’s golden mile, and some exciting projects are already moving.

What’s already happening?
By the end of 2020, the harbour end of Queen Street will feel like a brand new place, with the landmark Commercial Bay development and the new Lower Queen Street Square open. Its eco creds are set for a boost too, with all of the CityLINK buses running up and down the street changing to electric models.

Up in the mid-city area, 246 Queen is transforming an eight-storey example of 1960s architecture into a space for sophisticated retail, hospitality and offices. 220 Queen Street is also in line for a stylish refurbishment inspired by New York’s famous Seagram Building on Park Avenue.

Further up the street, you can see through Aotea Square to more exciting developments taking shape.

Then what next?
There are lots of conversations happening about the future of Queen Street and how it might respond to the changing needs of the city. Will we see the end of private cars? Will we see a Light Rail line down its middle? Over the next few years, there’s a good chance decisions will be made about Queen Street's future that will mean in 10 years' time it looks and feels a lot different to what it does now.

Queen Street Light Rail concept image

Queen Street Light Rail concept image

There are so many exciting projects happening right now to create our future city centre - and many of them will be completed or hit big milestones by the end of 2020. See more about the projects transforming the city’s streets, public spaces and transport - or find out what the changes mean for businesses and a successful city centre economy.

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Last updated: 05 March 2020

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