Archived: Bobbi Brown Skincare & Makeup Sessions

as part of Health Week at Britomart

Pop into Bobbi Brown Britomart Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday between 10am - 6pm and learn some of the fundamental recipes for perfect skin and makeup tips.

Bobbi believes that flawless skin is the combination of the right skincare and skin tone-correct foundation. Based on skin type, an artist will help you find the perfect skincare routine and skin tone-correct foundation for flawless, healthy and glowing skin.

In addition to this free service Bobbi’s Skincare Recipes focus on star skincare products being mixed and matched to offer new and fun usage regimes to target specific skincare needs, making them the perfect Winter pick-me up to re-energise skin. 

A clean, streamlined makeup bag is essential to keeping any makeup routine quick and easy.During the complimentary ‘Makeup Bag Detox’, a Bobbi-trained makeup artist will offer tips and techniques for keeping a personal makeup kit organised and efficient, with only the most essential, never-fail products. 

The makeup artist will also demonstrate a new look, either with the original makeup bag contents—from any makeup brand—or with new Bobbi products. Consider it a fresh start to update your look from products you already own.

Bobbi believes that beauty should be personal, simple and accessible, and that every woman can look and feel her best with knowledge and the right products. To this end, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics offers an extensive menu of personalised Makeup Lessons designed to empower women to become their own makeup artists and skincare experts.


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Last updated: 21 August 2020

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