Big Little Grill

Elliott Stables

Big Little Grill was founded by a group of fishing mates who share the love of food and cooking. They decided to combine the best of their knowledge and came out with a range of dishes which complements the very best of east meets west.

Their main style of cooking is Charcoal Grill. Using this method of cooking along with their signature basting sauce, which takes more than 28 hours to prepare, creating a flavour unlike anything you have ever experienced.

The combination of smoke from the charcoal, when infused with their basting sauce, creates an aroma that will have you wanting for more.

At Big Little Grill, they use the very best of New Zealand meats and their food is seriously delicious and tender.

Contact details

Elliott Stables
41 Elliott Street
+64 9 555 1225
Opening hours: 
Sun 12.00pm-2.15pm 5.00pm-Late
Mon 12.00pm-2.15pm 5.00pm-Late
Tue 12.00pm-2.15pm 5.00pm-Late
Wed 12.00pm-2.15pm 5.00pm-Late
Thu 12.00pm-2.15pm 5.00pm-Late
Fri 12.00pm-2.15pm 5.00pm-Late
Sat 12.00pm-2.15pm 5.00pm-Late