Pop down with the whānau to Silo Park anytime from 29 Jan - 06 Mar and help Tia the Tarāpunga (red-billed gull) on a mission across the waterfront to find her favourite yellow bucket hat! 

Along the way you’ll get to explore areas of the waterfront, be entertained by Tia and her friends, and at the end you can go into the draw to win some sweet summer prizes. We think this is a hunt that’s fun for all ages, but for the tamariki it’s best suited to ages 3 and up. The journey is approximately 1.5km long, and will take about 1 hour to complete. It involves some stairs, but there is the option to use a lift.

Bring a mobile device to scan in at each location and listen along to the audio guides, OR read along to the story with the printed signs provided at each spot. 

The Story

Tia is a feisty, passionate young Tarāpunga (red-billed gull) living in a colony on the Wynyard Wharf. She is tired of her family being branded as chip stealers and flying rats so she is on a mission to show humans just how awesome Tarāpunga are (after all, they were here first)! There’s just one problem, her ultimate frenemy, the wind, has run off with her favourite thing in the world - her bright yellow bucket hat! Join Tia on a mission across the waterfront to find her hat, make new friends and restore her family's reputation!

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Last updated: 16 January 2022