Multigenerational stories have the power to bring several narratives and perspectives together, allowing us to reconcile generational differences and connect with one another.

Sri Lankan Pākehā writer and co-creator of RNZ’s Conversations with My Immigrant Parents, Saraid de Silva, Kiwi Zimbabwean-born writer Tsitsi Mapepa and Dominican-American National Poetry Slam Champion and New York Times-bestselling author Elizabeth Acevedo keep the past and present tightly intertwined in their new multigenerational novels. De Silva’s Amma crosses decades, continents and generations, exploring love against a backdrop of shifting cultures; Mapepa’s Ndima Ndima unearths familial histories in post-Independence Zimbabwe, while Acevedo’s Family Lore follows a family of women whose special powers have helped them overcome personal and historical challenges.

Kiran Dass joins these three writers for an enriching conversation on family bonds, the complexity of writing across generations, and what it means to look towards the past to understand the future."

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Last updated: 12 March 2024