That's right, They're back!! We know you've had to WAIT FOR THE MOMENT for quite a while, but CHRISTMAS (IN LA) has come early once more. Leave your LONELY TOWN, Grab your AUNT LESLIE and head down to Cassette Nine for a night of epic proportions. Reach into your BACK POCKET and take out that crisp $10 bill for the door. ANIMAL SPIRITS will be high as these FUNKY DUCKS bring you a BEASTLY night to remember. 

Maximum Crowd Participation guaranteed in the form of:
Clapping on the 2 + 4
3 Part Harmonies
Dancing until your feet fall off

Geoff Ong - Guitar/ Vocals/ Bass
Anoosh Franklin - Vocals
Sam Swindells - Guitar/ Vocals
Joel Griffin - Sax/Bass
Stallone D'Souza - Keys
Dean Rodrigues - Drums

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Last updated: 13 November 2019