Discover your Tingle Immunity with ASMRtist Letitia Lickkit! This is Aotearoa’s first and only live ASMR show; a celebration of the beauty, relaxing nature, and comforting intimacy of ASMR videos. RAW! ASMR is a hugely human and fiercely fruity comedy about your cherished tingles.

Award winning theatre-maker Amy Atkins takes her most loved ASMR videos and adapts them into live theatre with the help of her ASMRtist persona Letitia Lickkit. RAW! ASMR explores the silly side of this phenomenon, too. Prepare your brain for Lickkit’s live comedic anarchy and tingle inducing spectacular organised chaos!

“It’s Atkins likeability and cheekiness that carries the show – I feel rested that despite the show's unconventional nature she’s there to explore with us and not at us.” – Katie Hill, Art Murmurs

  • Winner Spectacular Organised Chaos (RAW! ASMR) New Zealand Fringe, 2022
  • Winner Outstanding Female Performer (Amy Atkins) Palmy Fringe, 2018
  • Winner Development Award (RAW! ASMR) Nelson Fringe Festival, 2022
  • Winner Best Solo Performance (Amy Atkins) Nelson Fringe Festival, 2022

Part of Basement Theatre's 2022 Fringe 'Adaption' Provocation, as part of Auckland Fringe Festival 2022.

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Last updated: 04 August 2022