Poetry Tarot from the Tree Of Life

Greenhithe resident James Crompton, who currently plays a NYC cop in the Pleasuredome preshow, while moonlighting as a Colonel in Rainbows End's Zombie Survival Course and doing simulated patient work and Murder Mysteries as well, now has his own show coming up at The Basement Studio called Poetry Tarot from the Tree Of Life. In it he gives members of the audience Tarot like Poetry readings based on the season of their birth from one of his four books. He does this as his Higher Self - Blue Avian Jarmon Ra. The event also features internationally renowned Japanese punk jazz musician Miho Wada who has been a regular feature of James' book launches. 

For fun though back in June James had a go at predicting the election outcomes of some of the major and minor parties using a tarot deck. Somewhat to his surprise much of it came true, such as Jacinda Adern taking over the Labour party with renewed strength, the demise of United Future, the status of NZ First and National. He has also now done a post election Tarot about potential coalition arrangements and futures of various parties with some fascinating insights. 

His show though spans 18 years of poetry and people have been finding some interesting synchronicities in the poem they receive. The show has already been to Garnet Station where the audiences were loving it. 

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Last updated: 11 June 2019