What if you had a second chance to say goodbye?

A grandson suspects things are awry in his grandparent's messy basement workshop when his late grandfather’s spirit begins teaching him carpentry from across the void. The pair grow closer, catching up on the 16 years they have been apart. However, the portal to the afterlife can only remain open for so long…

OI FRED! is a solo piece written and devised by emerging artists; Tane Te Pakeke-Patterson (Director) & Tom Webster (Writer & Performer) that touches on what it would be like to speak to a long-lost family member across the void, whilst still assessing the absence of an individual in our lives.

Soundtracked by the dusty record collection of Kiwi yesteryear, it is equally hilarious and absurd as it is moving and heart-warming.

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Last updated: 21 August 2023