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7 - 11 NOV, 2023, 6:30PM

Continuing her ongoing research into the glory, madness and intensity of falling hopelessly into romance, Tessa Redman offers you a blatant, conversational dance about (you guessed it) love.

Fresh off performances in Melbourne and Sydney, Tessa will present an innocent, raunchy, heartfelt investigation into the ebbs and flows of love within all facets of our lives. A deconstruction of the human heart, a remapping of a young woman’s heightened emotions, a love letter to love. Join her as she dives deep into erotic love, romantic love, jealous love, familiar love, painful love, uncomfortable love, cheesy love.

Inspired by her first-hand experiences of being in love, whether that be through family, friends, crushes, fanfictions, snogs or boybands, Tessa will attempt to experience the manifestation of love within and beyond what is traditionally considered romantic.

Get ready to embark on a journey of falling in love again and again and again.

Winner of the SYNZ Tour Ready Award (New Zealand Fringe 2023)

Best in Fringe Nomination (New Zealand Fringe 2023)
Momentous Movement Nomination (New Zealand Fringe 2023)
Outstanding Solo Performance Nomination (New Zealand Fringe 2023)
Grand Design Nomination (New Zealand Fringe 2023)

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Last updated: 21 August 2023