26 OCT, 2021 - 15 NOV, 2021

In celebration of Tāmaki Makaurau's vibrant and progressive arts community, a curated series of lightboxes have been installed in Te Komititanga. Weave amongst the lightboxes, admire from afar, or up close, as you pass through this special public space. This interactive, impactful collection of digital artworks remind us to free our imaginations and reflect on the power of our local artists.

The lightboxes will feature two exhibitions: GOD-HOUSE by Jocelyn Janon and Jahra Wasasala, and A State of Reimagining by Julia Mapusua


GOD-HOUSE, supplied by artist – Jocelyn Janon

Of gods. Of bure-kalou. A body shedding. A body becoming. This is the call to come home. ’GOD-HOUSE’ is a visual collaboration from artists Jahra Wasasala and Jocelyn Janon that magnifies the rapturous returning of the previously disembodied. This photographic collaboration was part of Jahra Wasasala's dance embodiment of 'GOD-HOUSE' which premiered live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2019, and is a visceral and confronting recognition of divinity, horror and the reality of shedding an old world to become a new one. This visual exhibition showcases the way Jocelyn Janon masterfully captures living moments of the world of transformation that Jahra embodies.

Supported by Auckland Council and the city centre targeted rate

Lightbox houses in afega.jpg

Houses on Afega, supplied by artist – Julia Mapusua

A State of Reimagining:

A State of Reimagining is a vibrant presentation of fifteen digital collages created by Auckland University of Technology, Master of Design graduate, Julia Mapusua. The works memorialise the designer’s mother, celebrating her pride in her Samoan culture and the iconographic elements that make up Pacific craft traditions. They are inspired by the flower leis that are customarily placed around a frame of a photograph, bestowing honour and vitality on the loved one who is depicted. 

Mapusua is interested in the way design elements can inform and manifest our understandings of cultural landscapes and social contexts. Through a process of selecting icons and collaging them in exaggerated effect, the designer creates richly layered scenes that reimagine her homeland. 

Supported by Auckland Council and the city centre targeted rate

Part of Artweek in the City Centre

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Last updated: 14 October 2021