I Multiply Each Day is a mantra taken from the opening lines of Larry Achiampong’s film Beyond the Substrata (2020), a prophetic call to arms that dissects the socio-political threads of race, class, gender and gentrification.

As asked in the film, “What’s the value of a myth if you’re crushed by it? What’s the point of the fight if we’re the only ones to feel the pain?”

I Multiply Each Day brings together three artists who each examine histories of migration from a contemporary standpoint. Through moving image, the artists tell stories pertinent to de-colonising narratives that, while personal, invite the spectator to consider their role in these accounts. Each artist employs a kind of ‘fictional activism’, a strategy first defined by Michelle Williams Gamaker and used in her practice to interrogate inequality in representation.

The exhibition features a major new commission by Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington based artist Christopher Ulutupu and is the Aotearoa premiere of Williams Gamaker’s film trilogy Dissolution (2017-2019) and Achiampong’s Beyond the Substrata (2020).

Two of the exhibiting artists have been recognised by the Jarman Award which supports the most innovative UK-based artists working in moving image. Williams Gamaker won the award in 2020 and Achiampong has been twice nominated.


  • Larry Achiampong (UK / Ghana)
  • Christopher Ulutupu (Sāmoa / Niue / Germany)
  • Michelle Williams Gamaker (UK)
  • The Booth: Emily Parr (Ngāi Te Rangi, Moana, Pākehā)

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Last updated: 14 October 2021