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Interior of a gallery

Gus Fisher Gallery

Contemporary and historical art with a focus on New Zealand and the wider Pacific area

Gus Fisher Gallery is a centre for contemporary art in Auckland and is the flagship gallery for The University of Auckland.


Housed in a Grade I listed building that was formerly home to Radio 1YA and TVNZ, the gallery is situated on the site of the first official television broadcast in 1960. Through an ambitious and socially-responsive programme of exhibitions and events, Gus Fisher Gallery focuses on the display of contemporary arts practice with a dedication to reflect the building’s pioneering history through the inclusion of strong artist’s film and video alongside other mediums. With three main gallery spaces, and a dedicated artist’s library, the gallery offers a respite for those looking to interact with ambitious and high calibre art in a stunning heritage space.

Visitor-aware and always forward thinking, the gallery aims to change the perception of galleries: they don't have to be daunting, white cube, silent spaces. They have many roles that are intrinsic to society – they are safe spaces where people can go and experience new things, they are hubs of knowledge and creativity and they are meeting places that offer dialogue, conversation and creative exchange. Curator Lisa Beauchamp and her team create colourful, visually stunning, fun and engaging exhibitions that celebrate artistic and social achievements in unique and surprising ways. 

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