25-28 February 2020, 8:15pm

I Know What I’m Doing is a hybrid of performance art, comedy and dance theatre which seeks to investigate the human condition. It is a one woman show that merges what’s happening on the inside and tries to make sense of it outside – or, more to the point on stage. Examining what it is to be human and interrogating personal moralities and complex issues such as; what is a good person? Where do we derive our sense of self-worth from? What is the root cause of irrational thinking patterns, and can we ever get out of them?

Presented to you by up and coming theatre-maker Melody Rachel and following a successful Sydney Fringe 2019 season. Part fiction, part autobiography this is an intimate theatrical experience that pushes and pulls itself in all directions in search of something. But what is it?

"An explorative show touching on important human experiences that most people struggle to put into words" - Reviewer, Sydney Fringe 2019

"Engaging, truthful and stupendously relevant!" – Audience Member

Please note: This performance contains flashing lights and adult themes that may be triggering for some audience members.

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Last updated: 17 December 2019