Full price: $22; Group 4+: $16.50; Equity: $18; Students: $18; Senior Citizens: $18
19 - 23 february
This Is How We're Gonna Die

Watch the flat dinner from your nightmares unfold in the playful, wild, and horribly relatable original production This Is How We’re Gonna Die, playing this year at the Auckland Fringe Festival at Q’s Vault from 19th - 23rd February. 

A meteorite is set to collide with earth but nobody listens to the news anyway, the vegan souffle is slowly deflating and steamy secrets have reached boiling point; join the hour-long roller-coaster ride with a group of constantly arguing, oblivious friends to the end of the world.

A regular Kiwi flat find themselves disconnected - each member harbouring their own secrets as well as each others. There’s infidelity, drugs, name-calling, and a dead cat to name a few. It all blows up at the biannual flat dinner, but when they discover that the end of the world is imminent, they’re left with one question: How are they gonna die? Are their differences too big to overcome, or will they come together as one dysfunctional family, united by their flaws and made stronger by fresh perspectives and understanding? 

Drawing from wonderful and terrible flatting experiences as well as loves and losses of all kinds, up-and-coming writer Lana Petrović presents a witty yet deeply saddening look at the ways in which we trap ourselves, lose perspective in life and take our time for granted. 

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Last updated: 11 June 2019