30 January – 16 February
Homos, or Everyone in America

Um… Yes, we’ve been a community since
Since Stonewall certainly
Harvey Milk probably
Ancient Greece maybe.

Equality is here. Yeah, so now what? As the pendulum of progress continues to swing, a first date at a New York bar starts two men on a fearless, funny and fragmented journey leading up to a historic moment of change. 

Exploding attitudes, emotions and prejudices that sit at the heart of most-slash-every relationship, this dazzling kaleidoscope of a play asks us all the question – are personal and political choices really all that different? And is monogamy just monotony? 

No-fault hookups, marriage equality, poppers and self-outing teenagers. This is a post-gay guide for survival.

Award-winning director Shane Bosher [Cock, Angels in America, A Streetcar Named Desire] returns to Q Theatre to direct this brilliantly provocative take on that four-letter word called love. 

This event is part of Auckland Pride Festival.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019