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30 AUG - 3 SEP 2022

Guitar in hand, stand-up comedian Jess Karamjeet - a thirty-something, mixed-race, bisexual immigrant – navigates the awkward intersections of her identity while grieving the loss of her dear, departed dad.

Riding shotgun is Sophie Gibson, an NZ ON AIR funded singer/songwriter with over 800K Spotify streams, whose songs often have a comedic spin - so she’s made the side-step into stand-up comedy. Because some say tragedy + time = comedy... and Grief-Sex-Race takes out the middle (wo)man. So get your running shoes on, then prepare for your socks to be knocked off. This taboo-busting, stereotype-subverting hour is a workout for your mind and your sides (you know, from all the laughter.)
Originally from Scotland, Sophie is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter whose songs often explore the loss of her brother to suicide in 2015, and her music is revered as an important vessel for mental health awareness.

A self-proclaimed ‘chicken tikka sandwich,’ Jess’s punch-lines pack more punch than a kid’s packed-lunch and - as the cultural rainbow of yummy-mummys know - that’s a lot of flavour. She's a rising star in the comedy circuit, working with the likes of Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Tim Batt and No Homo Queer Comedy. Jess’s dad, Jim, was diagnosed with an inherited form of Motor Neurone Disease in November 2020 and died soon after. He was a former special educational needs teacher and a novelist, and Jess follows in his footsteps by using creativity to inspire, provoke and delight.

A previous RAW Comedy Quest semi-finalist, Jess’s comedy hour, LGBT...WHO?!, was billed in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2022. She’s also a Jazz singer, playwright and screenwriter (Neighbours, Cold Feet, Shortland Street).

‘Jess is a comedy triple threat: great joke writer, phenomenal story-teller and excellent performer… she’s brilliantly clever, disarmingly honest and most importantly: HILARIOUS!’
- Tim Batt (Comedian, Laughs Unleashed and presenter ‘The Worst Idea of All Time’).

Sophie Gibson ‘breathes raw emotion into every note… she possesses an incredible voice
that melts the heart and uplifts the soul,’ – Melissa Cox.


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