$20 - $37.50
24 AUG 2022

In A.C. Grayling’s view, three of the biggest challenges facing the world today are climate change, the rate of development in high-impact technologies and the global deficit of social and economic justice. He contends that our problems and our technologies are currently outstripping our moral and political capacity to deal with them. In this talk Grayling, whose latest book is For the Good of the World, asks whether it’s possible for human beings to agree on a set of values that will enable us to confront the threats facing the planet, or will we simply continue with disagreements and antipathies? He argues that to survive, we must urgently find a positive answer to the question, “Is global agreement on global challenges possible?”

Supported by Platinum Patrons Dame Rosie & Michael Horton.

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Last updated: 15 June 2022