Kāren Hunter and Brooke Ora are offering a Sound Journey to calm, deepen, centre and ‘seed in’ our ability to adapt and evolve. They welcome you to join them and gently put down what you have been carrying.

This is a deliciously spacious journey where you will call upon your understanding of the planetary movements of the solar system in order to align and prepare ourselves for the upcoming shifts in the cosmos. 

Calling upon the guidance of the stars and planets, knowledge and insights will be shared into the next phase of planetary movements. An evolutionary time is upon us as we move into the Summer Solstice.

The year will be completed with a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in the futuristic sign of Aquarius. 

We have had no choice but to change, update and recreate our day to day reality and familiar structures in 2020. The transformative work of Pluto and his cohorts in Capricorn has been uprooting the very fabric of the known and replacing it with the unrecognisable.

By Summer Solstice the two largest planets in our galaxy, Jupiter and Saturn will move into Aquarius where they will ready us for the changes needed for the next phase of evolution.

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Last updated: 25 November 2020