Celebrate the reopening of the Allpress Studio and the launch of 'Easily Distracted' art show. 

‘Easily Distracted’ is the culmination of lives lived and lessons learnt. An all encompassing journey through our world reflecting on modern society and ruminating on the world at large.

‘Easily Distracted‘ pokes fun at the irony & hypocrisy of the modern world and its dependence on distraction. Navigating ideals of identity, ownership, authenticity and truth. We seek to question societal motivations and what it means to be human in the modern day and age,  (what’s wrong, what’s right and what can we do about it?).

Raw, to the point & emotive Jacob Feast and Sam Dean return as Killaseek, two practices and minds now one. A refined approach sees their practice develop and grow, with a body of work exploring new ideas and new ways of working...

‘Easily Distracted’ brings together Painting, Illustration & Design. Curating an incoherent and inspired stream of consciousness into one cohesive offering.

The show's name pays homage to our school reports and their common theme. Born to disrupt, ‘Easily Distracted’ is an ironic take on the saturated world we all share and call home (transporting the viewers to a world of real feelings, real connections and real, tangible experiences).

Come get distracted.

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Last updated: 24 June 2020