14 March - 14 April 2019
A Decorative Bias: Parisian Ties 1919-2019

Curated by the New Zealand Fashion Museum the exhibition, 'A Decorative Bias: Parisian Ties 1919-2019', opens in Britomart, Auckland on 14 March.

The exhibition documents 100 years of tie making here in New Zealand through the story of a local tie maker, Parisian Neckwear. Until Parisian started making ties in Auckland in 1919, all neckwear was imported. 

The tie is a small item of clothing that has no practical purpose. But its decorative appeal has given generations of New Zealand men a way to give expression to their individuality and to communicate their identity through clothing. 'A Decorative Bias' showcases not only 100 years of Parisian ties, but also a century of New Zealand men's fashion.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019