$250 pp including 5 courses with matched drinks

Join Josh and Egor in Le Bar, Origine’s mezzanine level cocktail bar, as the duo present a bespoke five course tasting menu matched to expertly crafted cocktails. This unique offering showcases some of Aotearoa’s finest ingredients, experimenting and innovating with unique flavours and techniques to deliver an elevated off-menu dining experience.

The duo’s vision is to bring seasonality and locally grown ingredients into the cocktail mix by challenging themselves to use only what is available and in close proximity to Origine. This deliberate choice sparks creativity in the way they use these local ingredients and how they are incorporated into both the cuisine and the cocktails.   

By applying culinary techniques such as fermentation, pickling and preserving they say they can bring out the best qualities of the ingredients, opening a new approach to mixed drinks that aren’t defined by the usual cocktail making ‘rules’.

The Cocktail Kitchen series with Josh and Egor is limited to 10 guests per session (maximum group booking of six) and will be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The events are designed to be a fun and interactive guest experience, enabling creative minds to explore new ways of harnessing flavours, presented elegantly for the diner to enjoy. Each guest will have a direct connection with Josh and Egor as they take you through their creative process – from concept to completion. Due to the unique and personalised experience, Origine are unable to cater to any special dietary requests. 

The Cocktail Kitchen at Origine
The Cocktail Kitchen at Origine
The Cocktail Kitchen at Origine

Park at the Downtown Car Park for $2 per hour to a maximum of $10 during evenings and weekends. 

Last updated: 13 March 2023