Artists Hanna Shim and Ruby White have come together to bring you an inner-city terrarium full of mushrooms, kumara, and handmade pottery cookers in the middle of Te Komititanga, the new public square at the bottom of Queen Street.

Offering an element of fantasy and playfulness, audiences can expect an immersive art installation inside a space cube. 

This 'urban forest setting' allows you to explore the unknown in a familiar cityscape context and is designed for both day and night time audiences. 

Intrigued to find out more? Immerse yourself in this fascinating display for City of Colour in the city centre this May. 

About the artists: 
Ruby White is an artist who works predominantly with clay and food; prioritising multi-sensory experiences and playful expression. They are interested in how craft and tacit knowledge can be used to engage cultural histories, identity and connection. As a person of mixed, alienated and confused diaspora, they have developed a practice that copies, emulates and distorts pieces of human history and their cultural identity that allows for them to relate to the world with an alternative voice.

Hanna Shim 심한나 is an Auckland-based artist known for her playful and humorous soft sculptures whose distinctive naive and kitsch style coerces audiences onto more sinister and contemplative grounds. Based on her immigrant background, her practice involves a mode of condensation and hybridisation of contradicted images, cultures, objects, and stories. By embracing the contradictions, she aims to blur down the borders and boundaries which exist among them ¬– this is the point where she believes in her utopia.

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Last updated: 21 April 2022