This body of work by Tim Codyre explores the consequences of water pollution and the subsequent loss of biodiversity.

Broken Water is about the ripple effect of water pollution. Jellyfish proliferate in warmer polluted water, to the detriment of other species.

The guardians of the waterways symbolized here in this work titled ‘Bitter Pill’, encourages the viewer to question if we ignore these issues at our own peril.

Throughout the ages, most cultures have mythological representations of creatures such as grotesques or taniwha, that exercise guardianship or protection over waterways.

All pieces in this exhibition are crafted from recycled wood, found objects and broken tree roots sourced from eroded beach foreshores around Tamaki Makaurau and the Kaipara.

The artist hopes these pieces will serve as tangible reminders to conserve and protect our most valuable resource.

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Last updated: 09 February 2020