Introducing the first event for the Brazilian community who miss home and their country, in addition to strengthening community ties, exchanging experiences and a safe place (where they were able to enjoy themselves, share, and support small Brazilian businesses), as well as providing other people with the opportunity to taste foreign food, hear different types of music, watch performances (dance, martial arts) and enjoy a sort of 'mini Brazilian Holiday'.  

The goal of Brazil's Cultural Day is to create a cultural and fun space that integrates Brazilian families and individuals. Also is the opportunity for the whole community in the Auckland Central to get to know a little about the diversity, culture, flavors, ethnicities and traditions of Brazil, creating safe opportunities for people to meet, connect, participate in and enjoy community life, celebrating New Zealand's multicultural differences as a strength, recognising the value of arts and culture to quality of life and connected communities that are inclusive, accessible and equitable. 



Exhibition of Brazilian painters/artists - Pioneer Women’s Hall

Brazilian Honorary Consulate - Elizabeth Yates Room

Music and games for kids - Betty Wark Room

Fabiana Melone -Oh Sweetie! Cakes
Cindy Anne Oliveira - Cindy’s Cookies
Kathia Souza - Jewelry
Marina - Morena Co. Candles and body creams
Pablo - Acai - brazilian berry
Eliza Almeida - Uai Brazil Food (tapioca)
Janaina Oliveira - Typical food Trem Bom (feijão tropeiro, salpicão & sweets)
Jose Roberto Lima - NZ Bom Gosto (pastel and brazilian snacks)
Adrielly Vieira - Churros Delicious NZ
Mariana Nakamura - Crafts and plants
Tiago - Barbecue

12:30pm – Unidos da Aotearoa (15 minutes)
2:30pm – Capoeira (martial art with acrobatics and percussion instruments - 30 minutes)
3pm - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA (30 minutes)
4:30-6:30pm – Forro Bom Demais (band)

Ellen-Melville-Centre-Brazil cultural day