Join the Gallery for a panel conversation with Aotearoa New Zealand-based Chinese creatives Rosabel Tan, Bev Moon and Cindy Huang who will korero about their mahi, their Chineseness and how the two might intersect. The past 10 years have seen a shift in opportunities for Chinese and other Asian arts practitioners with the delivery of more honest representations from the perspectives of lived experience as well as a growth in Asian and non-Asian audiences keen to hear these voices. The panel will talk about their own mahi, representation, model minority privilege and baggage, and draw from their lives and research.

This event will be moderated by performer and theatre maker Alice Canton, whose groundbreaking documentary theatre piece OTHER [chinese] changed the landscape of Chinese representation on stage and was named Best Show of 2017 (Metro). 

This event showcases amazing Chinese creatives and is aligned with the exhibition Guo Pei: Fashion, Art, Fantasy 郭培:时装之幻梦

身为华人 —— 小型座谈会

诚邀您加入由新西兰华裔创意人 Rosabel Tan、Bev Moon 和 Cindy Huang 所组成的小型座谈会。她们将探讨自己事业和华人身份之间的关联。在过去10年间,华裔和亚洲其他族裔的艺术家们经由对切身体会的倾诉以及更多亚裔及非亚裔人士对这些倾诉的聆听,在事业上迎来了更多的机遇。这次的座谈会将从三人的生活和研究中取材,探讨她们的事业、身份表达,以及身为少数族裔的优势和重担。

本活动将由表演艺术家及剧作家 Alice Canton 主持,她那令人震撼的舞台剧风格纪录片《OTHER [chinese]》一举改变了华裔演剧事业的生存面貌,被《Metro》杂志评选为2017年最佳舞台剧。





On Being Chinese

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Last updated: 12 February 2024