Driven by a fiery desire to play and co-create with magical and talented beings Cassette Nine brings to you a night like no other, so bring your funkiest socks to the floor.

A fresh new concept lead by the best and newest upcoming talents of the underground Techno/Downtempo scene in Aotearoa.

An extensive background in cultivating creative spaces in the festival scene as well as a grinding desire to bring only the most epic cocreations to the public are two of our most wanted talents. Bringing all legends to gather in an epic night of seriously good music and visuals to the one and mighty Cassette Nine, a venue that has no need for introduction as many of you already bring your best selves every weekend. Directly from all parts of Europe (Germany,Italy and England) as well as some epic local talents from Aotearoa comes BE2BE, a concept that revolves around the sharing of music and skills LIVE to the dancefloor.

Be ready for an epic night of awesome music, stunning visuals, yummy special cocktails and fresh live art. A cocreation of all the best things about conscious and expansive parties. Bring it on!!

Opening at 7PM with an art exhibition by Three Left and cocktails but one of Auckland's best cocktail makers Laura Lopez.


Three Lefts


Three Lefts is an artist collective based out of Kumeū. Their focus is on increasing exposure and opportunities for visual artists from around Aotearoa through facilitating their inclusion in a myriad of events and spaces. With artists that employ a wide array of sizes, aesthetics, and techniques, we are capable of providing work to fit most occasions and areas. Often found at mid-size festivals during the Summer season, where we support both live visual artists and gallery displays, Three Lefts is now collaborating with Cassette 9 to bring a rotating selection of our collection to the venue for the public to enjoy and purchase. The purchase of pieces can be made through the bar, and Three Lefts will then be in touch to organise payment and collection. 

Check out their Instagram here

BE2BE Three Lefts



Avid music collector and supporter, especially since landing in Aotearoa, DirdyGerdi has decided to finally come out of the bedroom and showcase her selection of dark sultry slow rave tunes at the start of 2023. Dirty basslines are what make her tick... and dance! Paired with tantalizing humor, a sprinkle of sexy as well as the courage to divert sideways into other genres, she promises to make you shake what your mamma gave ya…and feel great about it!

Harry Charles 

Originally from New Zealand, Harry Charles has been based in Berlin, Germany for the past 8 years and is fast becoming a favorite on line ups with his distinctive electronic live set of downtempo & slow house laced with live guitar and vocal grooves and his musically energetic and soulfully empowered DJ sets.

With a collection of EPs, singles and remixes released over the past 4 years, Harry’s regular international bookings include Fusion Festival, Jubel Jahre (DE), Oláia (PT), Shipwrecked, Splore, Relish and Rhythm & Alps (NZ) along with playing at some of Europe’s most renowned dance floors. His debut album 'In The Light Of The Open Door' is out now on Serafin Audio Imprint.

Mi Che

With a passion for electronic music that began as a teenager in the clubs of Germany, MiChe ventured to Australia where he immersed himself in the country's thriving music scene and explored the depths of psytrance and bush techno, gaining an even deeper appreciation for the diverse sounds and styles within electronic music. Now, MiChe is returning to his roots and showcasing his love for a wide range of genres, from techno and house to downtempo and more.


Growing up in Aotearoa, Gridlok has always had a zest for the arts. Being surrounded by musical talent her whole life she decided to hop behind the decks and start mixing together sounds that can only be described as a journey through the concept of bass and rhythm. Gridlok’s sound has a deep, earthy flow. Her focus is on creating a rhythm that slows you down and connects you to the wide variety of different Melodies and bass, allowing your entire body, mind and soul to surrender to the music. 

This is Ross

Who is Ross? Ross has been wowing backpackers for years with his playlists. You've seen him at every event. He's probably told you he's a DJ. Taking inspiration from his home of naughty Yorkshire, a region famed for its steel, boats and puddings, you'll hear all of that and more as he absolutely fries your ears with an eclectic mix of basically every genre that starts with H and ends with OUSE. From Madonna to the Macarena, you'll be skanking so hard you'll never have to ask again Who is Ross. Your entire being will be humming with the knowledge that THIS is Ross

VJ Crocstar

Brett has supported many a DJ over the past 20 years to co-create sumptuous themes and beat-aligned visual extravaganzas. I’m most interested in telling visual stories and connecting the audience into a symphony of sound and motion, I can’t wait to share my visual treats at Cassette this weekend.

Park for $2 per hour, to a maximum of $10 on evenings and weekends at the Victoria St car park. Find out more.

Last updated: 13 April 2023