11 - 16 October, 2020

Wander from Freyberg Place to Khartoum Place to follow a trail of six art and light installations created by artist Angus Muir. Enjoy the unique daytime experience of these fun and artistic artworks that really come to life at night - including: 

Filament - inspired by the Pohutukawa frond, this abstracted artwork consists of 25 filaments sweeping out of a steel base to a height of five meters. Find this installation at Freyberg Place. 

Flamingos - these uniquely designed artworks are larger than life and their big bodies are illuminated and programmed for a fun display of light. Find this installation on the steps at Freyberg Place. 

Hanging Orbssoftly glowing and colour changing balls in varying sizes hung in trees along Lorne Street and from a large streetlight pole in Khartoum Place. 

Polar - displayed for the first time anywhere in the world, this artwork is inspired by the magnetic fields surrounding the earth. 25 large LED neon rings are can­tilevered off a central post – with over 6500 lights inside the rings. An ever-changing light show is choreographed and plays back on the neon rings. Find this installation in Khartoum Place. 

Shish-Ka-Buoythis artwork is a real crowd pleaser and has been exhibited internationally including Singapore and most recently London. Each tower of globes is on a steel base plate and thousands of LEDs create a whirl of colour and beautiful spherical gradients. The installation is made from fully recyclable polyethylene. Find this installation in Khartoum Place. 
Part of Artweek in the City Centre.

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Last updated: 21 August 2020