Arena Car Park

The best parking for events at Spark Arena

If you are searching for a safe and secure covered parking area in Auckland City NZ, then make sure you check out Arena Car Park. Who offer you the very best parking for the Spark Arena and indeed one of the best parking spots in the city.

Arena Car Park is a top-quality covered parking facility off Quay Street, only minutes from Auckland’s CBD. With over 500 generously-sized parking spaces, it is conveniently located close to Spark Arena and to major businesses such as BNZ, GE and Westpac.

Light, clean and spacious, this car park is designed for straightforward access and ease of movement around the building. It is monitored by CCTV and is regularly patrolled for added security.


Arena Car Park is a 24 hr/ 7 day carpark.

In between 5am-11am out between 2pm-8pm
Available Mon-Fri

CASUAL PARKING -  $5 per half hour
(Available 24 hrs/7days)
Daily Max (to midnight) - $35 (Mon-Fri)
Daily Max (to midnight) - $25 (Evenings 6pm-6am and weekends)

EVENT PARKING - $25 (10 hours parking max)
Available during selected events being held at Spark Arena. Event rate starts 3 hours prior to an event starting time. 

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Last updated: 05 April 2022

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