Cure winter blues with the warm flavours and comforts of home of Mexico's new winter menu. 

There are a few classics that have made their way back onto the menu like the Papas Bravas made with crispy potatoes, Salsa de Ajo, celery lime salt and chipotle mayo, the Chickpea Patatas with roasted red capsicum mojo, cucumber, green apple pico, candied citrus almonds with micro coriander, and the Chimichangas with pan-fried mushroom, leek, chili, queso, coriander and salsa asada.

The new addition of the crispy cauliflower florets is the vegetarian answer to Mexico's famous fried chicken. The mouthwatering fried crispy cauliflower is served with a sprinkle of warm ancho chili powder and paired with cumin and lime mayo. 

Mexico's tacos come with a variety of fillings including braised pork in mole colorante, turmeric pickled pear, black sesame and chicharron, and portobello mushroom with spinach, queso, blackened corn, smoky mayo and a mixture of candied sesame seeds, toasted sunflower seeds and spicy pepitas for texture. 

The dessert menu has some new exciting offerings too. Finish your meal with a baked white chocolate cheesecake with salted caramel popcorn, raspberry granita and tequila crema or a chocolate sándwich with cacao ash, chocolate crunch ice cream, chocolate orange ganache & cacao powder. This is a chocolate lover’s dream.

Last updated: 24 June 2019