Arguably one of the best things about this time of year is indulging in perfectly baked, fragrant hot cross buns, especially when served with a generous slab of butter.

From traditional buns that never disappoint and delectable chocolate twists on the classic, to donut-style buns and even some stuffed with Nutella, we've got the lowdown on all the best places to get your fix in the city centre. 


Ima Cuisine | 53 Fort St
Considered amongst the best in Auckland, Ima's world-famous hot cross buns are handmade with freshly ground spices, sweetened with honey and topped with delicious custard. Pop in-store or order online to get your hands on one of Ima's hot cross buns - they now offer vegan hot cross bun options too! You can order your buns here.

Homeland-Hot Cross Buns

Homeland | Pier 21, 11 Westhaven Drive
Considering they bake some of the best cheese scones in the city, it's no surprise that Homeland can make an epic hot cross bun! Stop in during your next waterfront stroll and try one for yourself.


Amano Bakery | 66-68 Tyler St
Amano's beloved original hot cross buns are made from sourdough, generously loaded with fruit, and finished with a citrus-spiced glaze. This year, they also have chocolate hot cross buns if you're that way inclined. They sell out quickly, buy a box of sick online here so you don't miss out. 

Luna Bakehouse hot cross buns

Luna Bakehouse | 39 Elliott Street 
We're not surprised to see Luna Bakehouse killing the hot cross bun game this year. These delights are made with all the classics - raisins, citrus peel and spices, but are taken to the next level with lavish fillings like buttercream, Biscoff or Nutella. (Image credit: @ohmyfoodiegoodie)


Mibo | 155 Beaumont Street
Mibo's glorious hot cross buns are a morning must-have! Indulge in their perfect blend of spiced dough and plump raisins, paired flawlessly with a top-tier cup of coffee. Your morning go-to just got even better.

park hyatt

The Pantry | 99 Halsey Street
Back by popular demand, The Pantry's traditional hot cross buns are meticulously crafted using a time-honoured recipe infused with rum-soaked raisins, currants, sultanas, and citrus peel. These buns are a delicious celebration of tradition and we can't get enough of them. You can buy a box of four online here.


DOE Donuts | Commercial Bay, Harbour Eats Level 2
Introducing DOE Donuts' hot cross donut – the ultimate March treat! Bursting with spiced goodness, these limited-time delights are available filled or unfilled. Pre-order online or in-store now for a taste of sweet perfection.

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Daily Bread | Galway Street, Britomart
Daily Bread's triple-award-winning hot cross buns, crafted entirely from scratch, have hit the shelves and we highly recommend stocking up. These moreish buns are made with locally sourced flour, a unique blend of spices and fruit and Bay of Islands pineapple rum. Finally, they're slathered in Daily Bread's signature orange and cinnamon glaze made with fresh oranges from Gisborne. Buy them online here.

the store

The Store | 5B Gore Street
Visit The Store this Easter to find rows of artisan golden brown buns fresh from the oven. Whether you opt for a traditional bun with a generous spread of butter or one of their delectable chocolate buns, you're in for a real treat!

the pantry

The Pantry | 99 Halsey Street 
Back for another year, The Pantry's hot cross donuts are next-level and need to be on your hot cross bun hit list. Bursting with flavor, these treats go beyond the traditional buns. Choose from their irresistible fillings: house-made whipped egg-based vanilla custard with a spiced orange glaze or a tantalising caramel-infused variation with a rich caramel glaze. Order them online here.


Giapo | 12 Gore Street 
If a slather of butter isn't quite doing it, why not level up your bun with a scoop of ice cream? Take your pick from the likes of hokey pokey, banana bread, Manuka honey, hazelnut milk chocolate and more. 


Miann | 57 Fort Street & 38-38 Galway Street
These legendary hot cross buns are a decadent experience with orange, cinnamon, and molasses soaked raisins, Miann's secret spice mix, and a sticky orange and apricot glaze. Plus, you can swap out your slab of butter for a scoop of Miann's famous gelato... because why not!

Scratch Bakers hot cross buns

Scratch Bakers | 5 Graham Street
Scratch Bakers is a mecca for delicious, hand-crafted baked goods, so it comes with no surprise that their scrumptious hot cross buns hop out just as fast as they hop in! Don't miss out and buy yours online here

Last updated: 24 March 2024