Discover the crispy, gooey, and utterly irresistible world of toasties as we explore the hottest spots in the heart of the city.


Swinger, $16 | Swings, 18 Kitchener Street

Swings' menu features a variety of unique and flavourful options, all priced at $17 and under, including one of their signature sandwiches, the Swinger - a delicious combo of bacon, egg, cheese, pickles, cabbage, and Swings' spicy cheese sauce, which blends savoury and spicy flavours into one mouth-watering bite. 


Poached Chicken Sandwich, $13 - $15 | Chuffed, 43 High Street

Head to Chuffed where you can not only enjoy a tranquil courtyard with a retractable roof but also savour their delightful Poached Chicken Sandwich. This classic breakfast option harmoniously combines poached chicken, smoked feta, aioli, coriander, tomato, hot sauce, and sourdough, delivering a symphony of flavours. 


The Egg Drop | Hi Toastie, Elliott Street

Toastie on Elliott Street is the place to be for coffee and toastie lovers with a craving for an Asian twist! Their toastie game is next level with mouth-watering combinations that will have you drooling in seconds. The Egg Drop offers a unique blend of ham, cheese, top-notch scrambled eggs, and their secret spicy sauce on the softest brioche, promising a delightful and savoury experience.

Fed Deli

Toasted Reuben, $25.50 | Federal Delicatessen, 86 Federal Street

Federal Delicatessen's Toasted Reuben showcases their exceptional pastrami, a testament to their expertise in crafting premium meats. Enjoy their expertly prepared pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and a tantalising blend of mustard and Russian dressing in this outstanding deli toastie.


Chimi’ Steak, $14 - $16 | Deadwood Deli - Four Square, 16 Customs Street East

A Deadwood menu specialty, a quintessential sammy. A match made in heaven between fresh cooked medium rare sirloin steak and house-made Chimichurri dressing, exclusively featuring their 3-cheese blend, and a generous spread of Deadwood tomato chipotle relish, available at Four Square.


Eggy | Toasty, 188 Quay Street

Toasty's beloved Eggy has made its way onto the menu to fulfill the cravings of those seeking a more delicate option. With Eggy, you have the freedom to customise your preferred sauce from options like basil, cheese, truffle, or seaweed, and craft a menu that's uniquely yours. 


Bacon & Egg Doona, $15 | Depot Eatery, 86 Federal Street

Depot Eatery's Doona is one of their renowned breakfast classics that promises a heartwarming experience. Picture a perfect morning with this delightful creation – a sumptuous blend of sizzling bacon and fresh eggs, expertly cooked to perfection, complemented by the zing of rocket-fuel sauce.

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Last updated: 07 November 2023