The city centre is brimming with taxi and other ride share services making it easy for you to get in, out and around the city centre with ease. Check out some options below. 

Ride share services 

There are plenty of great ride share services available in Auckland, with a ride just a tap of an app away! Consider services such as Uber, Ola and Zoomy for an easy and convenient way to grab a lift.

Taxi services

The city centre offers plenty of parking spaces for taxis in various on-street locations. Taxi ranks (taxi stands) are located where there's demonstrated demand and where the public can conveniently and safely catch taxis. See below for the comprehensive list of day and night time taxi ranks in the city centre. 

Day time taxi rank locations in the city centre: 

  • Lower Hobson Street 
  • Queens Wharf, Quay Street
  • 2 Tyler Street
  • Kitchener Street
  • 12 Wyndham Street
  • Wyndham Street (corner with Hobson Street) 
  • 17-21 Albert Street 
  • Jellicoe Street
  • Victoria Park Markets
  • Hobson Street (bus station) 
  • Hardinge Street (corner with Graham Street) 
  • Smith and Caughey's, Wellesley Street 
  • 8 Durham Lane (outside City Life hotel)
  • 28 Galway Street

For more information on these taxi ranks, visit 

Night time taxi rank locations in the city centre: 

  • Maritime Museum 
  • 7 Shortland Street
  • Wellesley Street (outside Kathmandu) 
  • Hobson Street (bus station) 
  • 6 Lorne Street 
  • 22 Customs Street East
  • 301 Queen Street (Town Hall) 
  • Viaduct car park
  • 13 Commerce Street
  • Quay Street (outside PWC) 
  • Gore Street 
Last updated: 12 March 2024