Jewellery design studio Zoe & Morgan have introduced their new Indian-inspired Palace of the Moon collection.

The collection draws on the designers' personal experiences of traditional Indian designs and abundant jewellery culture.

The designers were introduced to India as young children, when they travelled with they parents who sought after precious gemstones for the jewellery that their father designed and the textiles that their mother loved. They were impressed by the myriad of colours within India as they explored the hidden valleys of Kashmir and the vibrant antique markets of Delhi.

The designs reflect the sacred geometry of Yantras and Mandala and the concepts of Vastu, through which the designers have created bold yet simple geometric forms that are both beautiful and auspicious.

Encapsulated through small delicate rings, to larger powerful earrings and bracelets adorned with diverse shapes and cut-out detailing, the ever-present beauty of India comes in many forms.

Head to the Zoe & Morgan store at City Works Depot to check out the full collection

Last updated: 22 May 2018