We're ready to make the most of the warmer weather this summer, and a sunny day of leisure doesn't quite feel complete without a frozen treat. We've rounded up some of our favourites in the city centre, to help you cool down this season.


Iced cold brew, $5.50 | Chuffed, 43 High Street

Coffee is an essential part of the day for many of us, but in the middle of summer a long black can be a long way down our list of wants. The cold brew from Chuffed is the best way to still get your caffeine kick. Brewed for over 9 hours for smooth flavour, and served cold over ice, it’s the perfect summer pick me up. Refreshing and reinvigorating.


Cone + sourdough donut on top, $14 | Giapo, 12 Gore Street

From the mind of a six year old girl and David Bowie (yes really) came Giapo’s famed Donut on an ice cream cone. Giapo’s signature ice cream is already the perfect summer treat, with a huge array of unique and delicious flavours, and this particular concoction is served in a crunchy waffle cone with a soft and fluffy sourdough donut of your choosing placed on top right before your eyes. It’s sure to hit more than one craving all at once.


Green tea shaved ice, $8.50 - $16.50 | Mellow, 42 High Street

Mellow is a great spot for desserts and sweet treats any time of the year, and for summer their Green tea shaved ice is the best way to cool down. There are a heap of great flavors to choose from, but we recommend the Matcha (Green Tea.) It’s a favourite for many, and something a little different for those that are yet to indulge.

Little Lato

Lime, Coriander, and Grapefruit Sorbet, $6 | Little Lato, 22 Jellicoe Street

The list of awards for Little Lato continues to grow each year. Making some of the best gelato and sorbet around, this year's must try is also one of last year's award winners. Take your tastebuds for a dip with their lime, coriander, and grapefruit sorbet, a citrus explosion that can combat any summer sweats. Situated down by Auckland Fish Market, this will keep you cool as you take a stroll along the wharf.

OKO Dessert Kitchen

 Thickshake, $13.50 | OKO Dessert Kitchen, Aotea Square

OKO Dessert Kitchen has always prioritised fresh authentic ingredients over stabilisers and syrups, and their thickshakes are no different. At OKO they pile in three scoops of fresh Movenpick ice cream to make their shakes, meaning these shakes really are thick. Don’t be afraid to get creative, OKO let you choose any three flavours so you can make new and unique combinations every time you visit.

Melt New Zealand Natural

Chocolate Oat and Raspberry Almond Ice Cream (dairy free), $7.50 | Melt, 137 Quay Street

Melt is NZ Natural’s very own gelato and sorbet shop and as the name suggests, they use only natural, locally sourced ingredients to make them. Take a break from the summer heat and enjoy the sweet smell of freshly made waffle cones as you stroll along Auckland's waterfront. Their Chocolate Oat and Raspberry Almond ice cream is so creamy and rich it’s hard to believe it’s dairy free. Try it for yourself!

White and Co

Creaming Cola Soda, $6.90 | White’s & Co, Takutai Atrium

White’s & Co are the perfect stop for a sun soaked afternoon. Tucked away in the Atrium at Takutai Square, they offer a whole range of frozen goods to keep you cool. Famous for their delicious frozen yoghurt, they also make some fantastic in house soda - check out the goods for yourself and perch yourself on the beanbags in Takutai Square to enjoy. 

Last updated: 18 January 2021