Buongiorno DELLI di BOSSI!

If you’re after luscious Italian food without the airfare, make sure to check out the new kids to the city centre DELLI di BOSSI.

“What we’ve tried to do is create a space that will transport you to the heart of Italy as soon as you step off the busy sidewalk” says Owner/Operator Jenna Carter. “It really is where Aotearoa meets Italia, or as we like to say: New Zealand, Italian style!”

With its exposed brick décor, cured meats displayed artfully in cabinets, a carefully curated menu and the smell of ground coffee in the air, all of your senses feel whisked away to Italy. Describing DELLI di BOSSI as an “ode to [her] Italian heritage, Jenna says that “every detail – from the menu to the venue layout and even the BOSSI name itself – has been influenced by significant people, memories and places in my life, and traditional recipes passed down through generations.” 

DELLI di BOSSI can be found under The Pacifica, a location chosen by Jenna because “it was the only place I felt encompassed similar foundational pillars to what I envisioned – offering a luxury, one-of-a-kind space to make memories with loved ones.”

With such a central spot, DELLI di BOSSI enjoys a diverse range of customers. “During the week we often see corporates who are looking for a bite in between meetings and emails, but we also cater to the 600 or so residents within The Pacifica who often pop in for their coffees and deli delights as they’re passing through” says Jenna. “Meanwhile, over the weekend we tend to attract families and friends who are out and about exploring the plethora of activities this incredible city has to offer.”

Having been open less than a month, Jenna loves “the people and the community we’ve become a part of here in downtown Auckland. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the support everyone has shown us.” 

When she’s not working, Jenna enjoys the delicious food and wine on offer in the city centre. “there’s an abundance of incredible spots to dine at” she enthuses. “Whether it’s sitting on the balcony of Soul Bar enjoying oysters and bubbles with my husband or taking my kids to Amano for a pain au chocolat and sitting in the sunshine on the lawn in Britomart.” 

Time to meet Paceracer: bespoke watchmakers in Victoria Park Market

New Zealand’s first bespoke watch company Paceracer has recently opened its doors in the historic Victoria Park Market.

Founder and designer Brett Band says that the location “contributes to the journey of discovery that clients go through to find us, being somewhat tucked away.” 

“Customers often come to Paceracer to mark a special occasion like a milestone wedding anniversary, birthday gift, proposal or retirement” says Brett. “These can range from gifts to oneself, to one another or as donations to/from an organisation.” 

Their award-winning watches can take weeks or even months to create, with hundreds of individual steps required to create each piece, making Paceracer a unique experience in the city centre. 

“When a client leaves with the watch we've spent weeks or months making, they know they are the only person with it full stop. It’s a completely personalised experience and they receive a handmade watch that is created at Paceracer” says Brett. “The process is transparent, where watch components can be seen during the process of making the watch, if the client wishes to visit. We're proud to offer a service which brings joy, pride and sentimentality to one person, two people, a whole family or a community - with some of the bigger projects we've worked on.”

Clients are greeted by Brett’s dog Whittaker who joins him in the office each day. “There are a lot of hidden gems around this area, not to mention Wynyard Quarter - Kens Yakitori is a favourite hideaway.”

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Last updated: 09 June 2022