The long weekend is approaching and what better way to spend your extra day off than to eat lots of delicious food! This weekend it's time to celebrate the final days of lockdown (safely in our bubbles), and we think some city centre treats will do the trick. There are still some restaurants and cafes that are able to deliver to you during the lockdown, which means you can plan the ultimate public holiday feast! See our guide below for our suggestions on where to shop online for some tasty treats to be delivered right to your front door.

Tasty deliveries



Image credit: Kōkako Website


If Kōkako is your coffee of choice, you can order that online for delivery too! Kōkako are helping support cafes during this time and Scarecrow cafe is one of them. Order a bag of the medium-bodied juicy blend usually found at Scarecrow online from Kōkako. 25% of the sale of this bag of coffee goes to the Scarecrow cafe to give them a helping hand to open back up once lockdown lifts.

Order online, here.

Paneton Bakery


A fresh loaf of bread is needed for a delicious breakfast, shop online at Paneton for sourdough, barley or multigrain loaves for the perfect base to that eggs bene you have been perfecting, or go the sweet option and whip up some French toast. While you’re ordering your fresh bread, pop a pack of Pain Au Chocolat in the trolley too, these will come in handy when you’re feeling like a treat to have with your afternoon cup of tea.

Order online, here.



Image credit: Revive Facebook page

Struggling with finding enough snacks in the house to munch on throughout the days? Try out Revive’s Busy Life boxes. These snack boxes are filled with a range of healthy snacks including frooze balls, nut butters, muesli and muesli bars. 

Order online, here.

Brothers Beer


What goes better with a BBQ than a nice cold beer? Here to supply us with their new seasonal range is Brothers Beer. Get yourself a case of your favourite Brothers Beer online or try their four new beers; Green Haze Pale Ale, Hammer Time Hazy Pale Ale, Houble Dazy Double Hazy, and Pink Boots on the Ground.

Order online, here.

A.S. Wines


Whatever you choose to have for dinner, a bottle of wine will be a nice addition. From Pinot Gris to Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Pinot Noir, A.S. Wines has a great selection to choose from. 

Order online, here.



For dessert, how about some macarons and a hazelnut hot chocolate? Head to Miann’s online store which is open for online orders and contactless delivery. Whether it be one of their delicious chocolate bars, a box of macarons, or a packet of hot chocolate mix, it’s bound to be delicious and put a smile on all the faces in your bubble.

Order online, here.



Start the day off right with a delightful brew from eighthirty coffee roasters. Order online for a bag of one of their tasty blends, or choose the Roasters Choice subscription where the team will select their best coffee at the time to send to you either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Order online, here.

Cook restaurant quality meals at home 

Auckland Fish Market

Fire up the BBQ for lunch, we suggest trying Hello Beasty’s recipe for Prawn skewers with Beasty Garlic + Coriander Butter. Order your fresh prawns online from the Auckland Fish Market to be delivered right to your home. Or if you have a different seafood recipe in mind, you can also order salmon and other fresh fillets. 

Order online, here




Image credit: Mexico at home

Try your hand at some Mexican delights! Mexico has launched Mexico at Home, where there are tons of recipes to try. This weekend we think the jackfruit quesadillas or pork chimichangas will go down a treat. These recipes use ingredients that can easily be found at the supermarket when you make your next essential trip

Find the recipes online, here

Last updated: 21 April 2020