As part of our Faces of the City content series, we chat with inspiring people in the city centre doing great things in their chosen industries. One of these people is Caitlin Worth, design director at Jewellers Workshop, a family business that has been making beautiful bespoke jewellery on High Street since 1987.  

How long have you been working with jewellery? 

For as long as I can remember! I ‘made’ my first piece of jewellery (largely assisted by Dad of course) when I was five years old, and have dabbled in making jewellery ever since. I got in to it more seriously as a young adult, where I would make pieces for my sisters and myself under the tutelage of one of our jewellers, and soon after started working full-time in the workshop.

Jewellers Workshop

The team at Jewellers Workshop specialise in beautiful bespoke designs 

Jewellers Workshop is a family owned and operated business – how did it all begin, and why did your family choose the city centre as the place to set up the store?

We’ve always been in the heart of the city; David, my father, established Jewellers Workshop on High Street in 1987. High Street had a good reputation as part of the fashion district, however it was chance that brought us here, and we’ve been so blessed to be right amongst it for all of these years! The vision was to create custom made jewellery; Dad came across an existing space through his friendship with another jeweller who wanted to downsize – our first shop in Century Arcade. The two of them collaborated and Jewellers Workshop was born.

You’re now Design Director there, what does a typical day look like for you?

My days don’t tend to be too typical; because we’re such a small team we all tend to be involved in multiple aspects of the business. For me this is everything from liaising with clients, to sourcing gemstones and diamonds, and working on new designs. I break up my year with travel, I find inspiration for my work from the new places I go and experiences I have; whether this is overseas or in this beautiful country I call home.

Jewellers Workshop

No day is the same for Caitlin Worth at Jewellers Workshop. There's plenty to do - from liaising with clients, to sourcing gemstones and diamonds and working on new designs.

What are some of the latest jewellery trends you’re seeing in the industry at the moment?

Recently we've seen much more of an emphasis on individuality! Coloured gemstones have been popular, particularly peachy tones, teal and bi-coloured. For engagement rings people are choosing unusual diamond shapes like kites and shields, and gold is having a revival!

What’s your favourite part about your job?

I love that with quality jewellery, you’re making an enduring product; tangible representations of love or occasion that can be passed through generations. There’s a real satisfaction in investing yourself in the creation of something that will withstand the test of time.

Do you have any go-to spots in town during lunch at after hours? 

Well I’m spoilt for choice! For lunch my go-to spots are BannSang, Renkon and KingMade Noodles (yum!). A night out is often kicked off at Caretaker for a cocktail, dinner at Depot, and a comedy show at The Classic – that’s always a good time!

"I love how downtown Auckland feels like mini New York on a good day - it’s like anything is possible. And it is!"

How has the city changed in your eyes since your first memories of it, and what do you love most about it now?

It has become much more dynamic over the years!  I remember coming in to the workshop as a child in the 90’s, and the city always used to feel like a place where people just came to work. After office hours it was mostly just bars open. Now it’s a place where more people live, socialise, dine out; there’s a completely different energy. I love how downtown Auckland feels like mini New York on a good day - it’s like anything is possible. And it is!

Last updated: 09 March 2020