Auckland's city centre is home to many diverse retailers. In the realm of streetwear the challenge is to find what looks suit you best - discovering what that is exactly, is part of the fun. So head into some of these interesting streetwear stores as you embark on a journey to figure what your style is and where it could go next.

Checks Downtown | unit 3B, 3/7 High St

Clothing on display in store

Checks is a casual lifestyle apparel brand which offers a huge range of high quality clothing and accessories. At the heart of the business is a focus around environmental concerns in relation to issues which arise through the production process. With the perspective Checks strives to do everything they can to minimise their negative impact on the environment while also offering unique products which showcase their love for luxurious fabrics and tailored design.

Superdry | 101 Queen St


Superdry launches its first New Zealand store.

The newly open Superdry store has made its mark on Queen Street. The global brand, originally from the U.K has installed a lively orange-filled retail space which is their only in New Zealand. The brand combines vintage Americana styling with Japanese inspired graphics. Known for their edgy jackets and bags, Superdry offer high quality clothing with an international appeal.

Pat Menzies | 174 Queen St 

Shoes displayed on wall

Operating since the 70’s, Pat Menzies is a footwear institution which sells lifestyle shoes of all shapes and sizes. Located within Canterbury Arcade, Pat Menzies is the original stockists for the ever popular Dr Martens and still stocks the range today. This store has a community feel with a loyal customer base that have been visiting the shop for decades.

Magic Hollow | 3 Vulcan Ln 

Shop interior

Nowhere else does American vintage like Magic Hollow. This store is a treasure trove of shirts and denim which have been hand picked by the owners of the store to provide Auckland with access to high quality second hand clothing. Whether you’re looking for a casual day to day outfit or a more of a throwback costume Magic Hollow is the place you’ll find the most variety highest quality second hand clothing in the city. 

Mr. Simple | 59-67 High St


Mr.Simple is all about versatility. Here they offer a range of their own branded apparel alongside other brands such as Herschel Supply Co. Mr.Simple, as the name suggests, offer simple, stylish outfit solutions that don’t break the bank. From highly water resistant jackets to sturdy casual vests, Mr.Simple is the perfect place to find wardrobe essentials.

Edit | 20 Vulcan Lane


This clean-cut store strives to offer unique and often exclusive products which look towards the future of fashion. Edit specialises in luxury footwear and clothing for men – in this store you will discover clothing with unconventional shapes or tailoring. Edit also offers their own line of apparel which through fit alone can compete with some of the more expensive items on their racks.

Strangely Normal |19 O’Connell Street

Clothes on display

Strangely Normal specialise in 50s and 60s style menswear and bespoke tailoring. Existing since the late 70’s, the company has transformed from a second hand store into a standalone label which produces custom garments. This charming store is vibrant and full of diverse clothing and accessories. 

Parlour | 13 High Street 


This streetwear store combines American vintage with local apparel. From offering their own label in which parlour has explored a range of casual clothing pieces and accessories they also offer the coveted ChinaTown Market label. Parlour have an amazing selection of clothing and accessories to choose from and it’s only going to get better.

Trainers | 5 High Street 

Shoes displayed on wall

Trainers has its roots in skateboarding though this doesn’t mean they’re just a skate shop. The store offers a huge range of unisex clothing and sneakers which lean towards the comfort side of streetwear. Here you’ll find cosy hoodies, casual cargo pants, and relaxed, oversized tops.

Last updated: 18 July 2019