​Looking for an exciting meal in the city? Look no further, we have rounded up a list of unique experiences with great food, starting from tasting wines and cheese at Hotel DeBrett to dining on the water with a picturesque view with Auckland Harbour Dinner Cruise. This is a must try list.

Wine and cheese

For Wine & Cheese Flight | Hotel DeBrett | 2 High Street

Dine in elegance at DeBretts Kitchen, their wine and cheese flights are a must try. Their friendly waiters will advise you on the selection of top New Zealand cheeses, served with fruit paste, mixed nuts, dried apricots, crackers & crostini and pairing perfectly with wine. 


For Teppanyaki | Katsura Japanese Cuisine | 71 Mayoral Drive

Teppanyaki at Katsura is all about experience, they focus on fresh local ingredients with highest quality Japanese products, all prepared with passion and energy right in front of your eyes. 

People on a boat

For Dining on Water | Auckland Harbour Dinner Cruise | Auckland’s Harbour

Enjoy dining on the water with a perfect view of our city. This is a top experience with informative commentary, a delicious three course meal, and endless views. Our favourite part was the sail back with the view of the city lights illuminating the cityscape. 

Grills on tables

For Traditional Korean Dining | Red Pig | | 1010/2 Kitchener Street

Red Pig is a vibrant eatery that serves mouth watering food. The whole menu is worth a try but we keep coming back for the Korean-style Marinated pork that we can cook right at our table, that perfectly pairs with their in house special noodles and grilled kimchi.   


For a Chocolate Tasting Platter | Miann Britomart | 36 - 38 Galway Street

Miann is always a go to for tasty dessert but have you tried their tasting platter? It comes with a selection of 6 of their Petit Gateaux cakes in mini format and is a perfect treat any time!

High Tea treats

For High Tea | Bluebells Cakery | 10/7 Queen Street

Get your group of friends to a high tea at Bluebells Cakery and try a little bit of everything flavoursome they have to offer. Eat your way up the treat tower as you sip on refreshments of your choice in their cosy cafe. 

Grand harbour yum cha - best dining experiences

For Yum Cha | Grand Harbour’s Yum Cha | Cnr Customs Street West and, Pakenham Street East

Yum Cha translates in Cantonese to “drinking tea”, and is traditionally experienced in a big family group on weekend mornings in China. As you sip tea, small plates of food come out in succession, each adding to the overall dining experience. People from all over the city come to Grand Harbour for their Yum Cha, enjoying the likes of dumplings, noodles, and buns. 

Wildfire - best dining experiences

For Churrascaria | Wildfire Restaurant’s Churrascaria Experience | 137 Quay Street, Shed 22/Princes Wharf

Being New Zealand’s first Churrascaria experience, Wildfire is one of a kind. Traditional Brazilian barbeque, a Churrasco involves a selection of cooked to perfect meats brought to your table and cut in front of you. This is ideal for special moments you won’t want to forget, birthdays, anniversaries, family in town. 

Sushi train - best dining experiences

For sushi | Sushi Train Chancery | 201a/32 Courthouse Lane

Fulfil all your sushi dreams with  Sushi Train Chancery. Pick your favourite rolls as they roll by you, whether that be sashimi, teriyaki chicken, or gyoza. 

Andy's burger - best dining experiences

For robot waiters | Andy’s Burgers & Bar | Level 2 Corner of Federal & Victoria Street West &, Hobson Street

Not something you’ll get to experience every day, Andy’s Burgers & Bar is home to Bella and Buzz, robot waiters who are committed to giving you a memorable dining adventure. With live sport, juicy burgers, and beer on tap, Andy’s is a fun and relaxed bar where you know you’re in for a good night.

Last updated: 23 December 2022