Whether you’re looking for some healthy food or just want to treat yourself with some chocolate, this Auckland delivery of treats services has your back.

Get a tasty brew from Eight Thirty

Eight Thirty

Feel like mixing it up a bit, then this is for you! Eight Thirty will send whichever coffee we are most excited about at the time, this could be an existing coffee or something special they have in just for their subscribers!. You will receive a 250g bag of coffee ground to your preference and shipped weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on what you prefer. 

Get an healthy Juice from Odettes Eatery

Odettes Eatery

Fresh immunity supporting juices are now available all day, every day at Odettes Eatery. Pictured are the Energiser juice (carrot, apple and ginger) and the Shed 5 (cucumber, apple, kale, lime). They are healthy and cheap. Only $6 for the foreseeable future, in an effort to help the community stay healthy. Feel free to ring them to order, and they can run out to your car with their paywave eftpos machine and your delicious juice!

Order one infamous Hot Cross Buns from Ima Cuisine

Ima Cuisine

Ima’s famous and extremely popular hot cross buns are back. Considered amongst the best in Auckland, these hot cross buns are handmade with freshly ground spices, sweetened with honey and topped with delicious custard. Stuck home but feeling like eating one or two of Ima’s delicious Hot Cross Buns? Well, Ima is now planning home deliveries of ready to eat meals as well as their hot cross buns. What a relief!

Get a one metre Pizza to share from Pizza Presto

Pizza Presto

Don't want to cook for the whole family? Easy, just get a one meter long Pizza from Pizza Presto. Self isolation doesn't mean that you can't have pizza! They will deliver to you and the delivery fees are now for free.

Wine, Gin or Whisky subscription packs from Cahn and Finlay 

Pinot Palooza

Order the finest international wines and the best selection of spirits online and enjoy a monthly wine box delivery, hand selected to suit your tastes. They are also still doing in store purchases and collections. 

Try Scarecrow's delicious online recipe of Walnut and Dark Chocolate Cake 

Scarecrow cake

Get your apron on and try Scarecrow's delicious Walnut and Dark Chocolate Cake recipe. This cake is gluten-free and paleo and will satisfy everyone's appetite. 

Animal shapes handmade biscuits from La Petite Fourchette 

La Petite Fourchette

How cute are these animal shaped, handmade biscuits from La Petite Fourchette?! These sablé biscuits for kids come in a variety of shapes (bunny, dinosaur, little man and many more). Order them online now!

Don't forget to treat other people with flower delivery from The Three Words

The Three Words

Being stuck at home doesn't mean that you can't show your appreciation or love for the special people in your life. Order your bouquet now, add a little note and surprise someone!


Last updated: 20 March 2020