Auckland’s red buses are going electric. As part of Auckland’s Low Emission Bus Roadmap, Auckland Transport and its operator NZ Bus have agreed the CityLink bus services will only use electric buses from the end of the year.

The 12 new electric buses will help reduce carbon emissions and help Auckland towards meeting its climate change goals.

The introduction of these new fully electric buses is also a step toward electrifying the rest of Auckland’s bus fleet, which when completed will stop around 93,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere every year.

Viv Beck, Chief Executive of Heart of the City welcomes the changes, which will make a difference to air quality in the city centre. “People are at the heart of our city and initiatives like this are needed to improve the overall environment for them.”

The CityLink buses carry more than 1.6 million customers each year and provide an essential link within city centre and with a growing business and entertainment hub in Wynyard Quarter.

Fast Facts:

Introducing 12 electric buses would reduce 686 tCO2e of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions per year in the Citylink route.

This GHG emissions value is equivalent to:

  • 915 number of typical NZ homes' electricity use for one year. (Typical NZ residential electricity use 7133 kWh/yearà0.75 tonne of CO2e per house per year)
  • 299 number of average petrol car (1600< Car cc <2000 cc) driven for one year. (Average VKT/capita of light passenger vehicle is 9265 km/year @2017 MOT; GHG emissions of passenger petrol car travel 0.248 kgCO2e/km @2019 MOE) à 2.30 tonne of CO2e per car per year)


Last updated: 11 November 2022