With over 90 street performances and over 150 stores open late, you won't want to miss out on Late Night Christmas in the city centre. 

There are so many incredible performances happening on Thursday 19 December, here is our wrap up of some of the musical acts to keep an eye out for. We also have a handy map and performance schedule for you to download and print off for the night. Click here to download it

Guggesmusik Late Night Christmas

Performing: Outside R.M.Williams, Fort Street, Durham Street East

A loud and fun concoction of brass, percussion and saxophones, Guggemusik is the only Swiss Carnival band in New Zealand, bringing the crazy European vibe to Late Night Christmas!

Blackbird Ensemble Late Night Christmas

Blackbird Ensemble - Have a synthy little Christmas 
Performing: Freyberg Square

**Due to unforeseen circumstances, unfortuantely Blackbird Ensemble are unable to perform at this year's Late Night Christmas.**

Poofy sleeves. Lycra tights. Gold. Zig zags, double denim, and so much hairspray. The Blackbird Ensemble come together for this swoon-worthy performance of great nostalgia and iconic tunes.


Performing: Outside BNZ - 80 Queen Street 

Good beats with a healthy dose of neo soul, hip-hop, alternative folk and improvisation, with vocal harmonies that draw inspiration from African-American R&B and Balkan singing traditions.

Auckland City Scoundrels Late Night Christmas

Auckland City Scoundrels 
Performing: Fort Street, Outside Sephora - 171 Queen Street, Outside Farmers - 210 Queen Street, Darby Street 

In a town fresh out of second line, Auckland City Scoundrels are bringing stomping, shouting, and brass-blasting to the streets.

DJ Sandy Mill Late Night Christmas

DJ Sandy Mill 
Performing: Freyberg Square

Need a quick break? Head over to Freyberg Square and chill out to the fresh sounds of DJ Sandy Mill. Bean bags provided.

Auckland Street Choir

Photo credit NZ Herald

Auckland Street Choir 
Performing: Outside R.M.Williams, Fort Street, Corner of Wyndham Street and Queen Street 

The Auckland Street Choir enjoy getting together for great music, companionship and kai. Make sure you catch their performances during Late Night Christmas.

White Chapel Jack Late Night Christmas

White Chapel Jak 
Performing: Freyberg Square

White Chapel Jak are a suitcase kick drum stomping, stand on the double bass dancing, classical acoustic guitar through a whammy pedal strumming 4-piece band. Expect a stage that lights up with musical wizardry, laughter and love.

Ha The Unclear

Ha the Unclear 
Performing: Outside BNZ - 80 Queen Street 

Alt-pop-rockers Ha the Unclear will be bringing their uniquely Kiwi voices (and accents!) to the city centre this Late Night Christmas.

Jane Park Late Night Christmas

Pianist Jane Park 
Performing: Lower Vulcan Lane

Pianist Jane Park is back again to perform a gorgeous repertoire of classical pieces as well as all time Christmas favourites.  

Libby Montgomery

Pictured: Libby Montgomery

Opera singers: Hannah Ashford-Beck and Libby Montgomery 
Performing: Gaze Balcony - 35 High Street 

Experience the magic of opera on High St! Featuring emerging singers, Hannah Ashford-Beck and Libby Montgomery from the University of Auckland’s School of Music.

Please note performance information and timings could be subject to change on the day due to unforseen circumstances

Last updated: 20 December 2019