Treat your loved ones to something sentimental these holidays by surprising them with a statement piece or a timeless item that they’ll be wearing long after the festive season ends. With this curated list of jewellery ideas from the heart of the city, it’s hard to go wrong.

Kate Sylvester

Tamara Earrings, $199 | Kate Sylvester | 58 Tyler St

Kate Sylvester consistently designs bold and cutting-edge pieces, including her earrings. The Tamara earrings are made from hand-poured resin, giving them a distinctive drop style.  They can carry their own with an all-black ensemble, or be paired with a more daring and colourful outfit. 

Jewellers Workshop

Sterling silver round tapered bangle, $590 | Jewellers Workshop | 50 High St

Jewellers Workshop presents a simple and elegant bangle that compliments any existing jewellery collection. A twist on the classical design, this bangle tapers from side to side, and comes in a variety of different metal options. They are solidly filled, meaning there is no risk of them being bent out of shape or dented. 


Sterling Silver Kina Pendant, $490 | Carats | 25 Vulcan Ln

Keep the ocean close to you with the Kina pendant. Hanging on a fine sterling silver chain is a pendant in the shape of a sea urchin shell. The hollow shape and the hole in the front and back gives it a lifelike appearance, and the detailing is exquisite. 


Jewellery box, $79 | Knuefermann | 104 Fanshawe St

It’s easy to accumulate a large collection of jewellery that ends up being scattered haphazardly around your room. Knuerfermann’s jewellery box is a perfect solution to the chaos. The solid walnut box is not only functional but of an elegant design. 

Zoe and Morgan

Estella Ring, $230 | Zoe and Morgan | City Works Depot Shed 6C/90 Wellesley St W

The stunning gold plated Estella ring is embedded with a moonstone and is a standout piece that captures the attention of many. The stone is slightly elevated, allowing it to capture all angles of the light, creating a multi-faceted effect. Not just beautiful to look at, the ring is comfortable to wear, with a smooth polished band and rounded edges. 

Daniel Wellington

Classic Petite Melrose Watch, $219 | Daniel Wellington | 60 Queen St

A watch can be a bold and elegant fashion statement, and Daniel Wellington always delivers. The Petite Melrose has a rose gold mesh strap that is paired with a sleek eggshell white dial. High-quality and stylish watches are appropriate for every occasion, whether it be a work meeting or a black-tie event. 

Walker and Hall

Meadowlark Fairfax Signet Ring, $265 | Walker & Hall | 66 Queen St

The Meadowlark Fairfax Signet ring by Karen Walker is a sleekly designed piece perfect for all genders. It is bold and simple, and the rectangular shape allows for the possibility of engraving with initials or other meaningful designs. This sterling silver statement ring will last a lifetime, and never goes out of style. 

Karen Walker

Moon and Star Hoops, $119 | Karen Walker | The Pavilions, 18 Te Ara Tahuhu Walkway

Karen Walker’s Moon and Star hoops are a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection. Crafted from sterling silver, they are sure to stand out due to their unconventional and dainty design. Perfect for everyday casual wear or dressing up on a night out. 


Sparkling Family Tree Slider Bracelet, $89 | Pandora | 64 Queen St

Pandora has created a bracelet that not only looks exquisite but  keeps you close to your family tree whenever you wear it. The circular centerpiece connected with a thin elegant chain represents family bonds growing stronger over time. A special loved one is bound to appreciate this thoughtful piece of jewellery. 

Flo & Frankie

Image taken at Flo & Frankie on High Street.

Lindi Kingi Snowflake Earrings, $49.90 | Flo & Frankie | 5 High St

Snowflakes are ornate ice crystals that are known for their intricate designs inevitably making them perfect jewellery pieces. The Lindi Kingi snowflake earrings come in both silver and gold, and their structured style make them a stand-out accessory. 

Fingers Contemporary Workshop

Joanna Campbell Bobbin Lace Cuff Ring, $370 | Fingers Contemporary Jewellery | 2 Kitchener St

This stunning ring by Joanna Campbell features antique bobbin lace embossed in sterling silver. Bobbin lace is made by braiding and twisting thread wound on bobbins, which was traditionally used on intricate pillowcases or tablecloths. The modern design of the ring is complemented beautifully by the artistic lace almost giving it a fossil like appearance. 

Last updated: 25 December 2019