Edible gifts always go down a treat, so we’ve put together our favourite ideas from the city centre. Tip, you might want to buy one for yourself too so you're not tempted to open the one meant for gifting! 

Bohemian Fresh Chocolates

Marshmallow Snowman, $7.50 | Bohemein Fresh Chocolates | 12 O'Connell Street

Consisting of a caramelised white chocolate marshmallow, coated in a 53% dark chocolate shell, this year’s Christmas treat is a long awaited creation. Bohemein Fresh Chocolates is known for their award winning Chocolate Marshmallow Fish, and the Snowman is no exception.


Chocolate Christmas tree and Snowmen cookies, prices vary | Miann | 36 - 38 Galway Street

Do something new and replace the stocking this year with a Miann Christmas tree for a chocolate enthusiast’s dream. Decorated with edible treats and handmade from bean to bar, Miann’s delicious products are famous for their creamy and irresistible taste and texture. Alternatively, slip a few Miann Christmas tree and Snowmen cookies in the stocking for a traditional filler. 

Scratch Bakers Mince Pies

Christmas Mince Pies, $15 | Scratch Bakers HQ | 5 Graham Street

Christmas mince pies are a favourite festive treat, and Scratch Bakers are in full swing with their Christmas mince pie production. Scratch Bakers are known for their range of daily hand-crafted goods and are a supplier to some of Auckland's best cafes and food stores. These mini pies are so delicious, you wont be able to resist having more than one! 

Smith and Caugheys

Bonbon Selection House of Chocolate, $69 | Smith & Caughey’s | 253-261 Queen St 

It’s difficult to go wrong with a sweet treat, especially when it’s from House of Chocolate. Utilising the finest ingredients in New Zealand and combining with innovative techniques, the bonbon selection is a scrumptious present that will be devoured in an instant.  

The Three Words

Gourmet Macarons, $25-$50 | The Three Words | 57 Lorne Street

What could be better than a box of gourmet macarons? Cookies and cream, salted caramel, earl grey tea, pistachio, mocha... the flavour list goes on! Choose between boxes of 6, or 12 decadent macarons.

Personalised Reinderr - Devonport Chocolates

Personalised Reindeer, $34.90 | Devonport Chocolates | 34-40 Queen Street

Make your recipient feel special with a treat made especially for them. This delicious, and ever so cute, chocolate reindeer can be personalised with the name of your choice printed in gold on the red ribbon. The treat with an added touch!

Amano Pavlova

Pavlova, $60 | Amano | 66-68 Tyler Street

Nothing says Christmas like a delicious Pavlova! The team at Amano are making Pavlovas for the festive season topped with vanilla mascarpone cream, cherry compote and fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. The pavlova can come three different ways; topped with all the trimmings by the Amano team, undressed so you can decorate it at home with your choice of toppings ($15), or undressed with the Amano toppings on the side so you can put it together at home!

Milse Gift Box

Milse Gift Box $25 - $55 | Milse | 31 Tyler Street

Give the gift of a selection of treats with a Milse gift box. Choose either a box of 4, 7, or 8 tasty Christmas treats including fillers such as meringue kisses, white chocolate and pistachio fudge, marshmallows, chocolate shards. gingerbread and more!

Last updated: 25 December 2019