Secret Santa is a fun and easy way to spread the joy of Christmas but keeping it interesting and personal can be difficult. Bring surprise and delight to this year’s secret Santa with useful, delicious and entertaining gifts that appeal to all.

Iko Iko

Luckies On Board Compact Travel Kit, $24.90 | Iko Iko | 26 High Street 

For those that are often in the sky, this travel kit has all the necessities for a comfortable journey. The kit is stored in its own metal suitcase, equipt with its own handle and wheels for an adorable and practical gift. Complete with an eye mask, face towel, anti-nausea band, ear plugs, notebook and pen, the kit makes the unbearable factors of flying a lot more bearable. 

Unity Books

How to: absurd scientific advice for common real world problems, $35 | Unity Books | 19 High Street

Best selling author and cartoonist Randall Munroe has created an entertaining guide full of highly impractical advice for everything. From landing a plane to digging a hole, Munroe’s book pokes fun into everyday problems and is sure to start conversation. 

AS Colour

Bucket hat, $28 | AS Colour | 48 High Street

Protect them from the summer rays with a lightweight, cotton bucket hat that fits all sizes. Choose between neutral colours of navy, army, coffee and black for a stylish accessory for the beach or the park. 


Go Grape Seed, $32.99 | 100Health | 233-237 Queen St

Grape seed is the gift that keeps giving. Packed with high strength antioxidants that encourage the production of collagen, the Go Grape Seed supports healthy skin and general health. Show you care, by looking out for their health this Christmas. 

Roma Blooms

Mini Vodka and Gin, $55 | Roma Blooms | 93 Albert Street 

Let them know it’s time to relax and sink into the holiday season with a pair of iconic spirits. The pack includes a mini vodka, gin, a Dark Ghana chocolate bar and two shot glasses kept inside a small novelty fridge. Crack open the bottles on the spot and celebrate the year. 

Lash Noir

Lash Noir x The Caker cake kit, $27 | Lash Noir | Cityworks Depot

Lash Noir have joined up with The Caker to release a limited edition Sprinkles Birthday cake to celebrate 10 years of their beauty services. The cake is an adaptation of The Caker’s best selling Coconut Raspberry cake, making it a crowd pleaser. The mix is vegan friendly, made with spelt and non-GMO, for a healthy and guilt free dessert.


The Humorist, $75 | Aesop | 35 High Street

All packed in a reusable amenity case, this gift pack is a pairing of body care favourites. The Humorist Includes a Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, and Rind Concentrate Body Balm.

Angie Dennis

Diversity (Art print), $45 | Angie Dennis Art Studio | Victoria Park Market

Add some colour to your gift giving with an art print from Angie Dennis Art Studio. The designs all focus on combining native birds, flora and fauna and are encapsulating with their vibrant colours and fine detail.

Last updated: 03 February 2020