Winter time is upon us, so rug up and try these winter drinks from some of the city centre's best bars that will warm and delight your tastebuds. 


Mulled Wine | Everybody’s | 7 Fort Lane

Known as a classic after-work drinks destination, Everybody’s has now introduced mulled wine, the perfect antidote to a chilly evening. As you wrap your hands around the comfortingly warm glass, let your senses become overwhelmed with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise.

The Chamberlain

Flatwhite Martini | The Chamberlain | 52 Tyler Street

Located in bustling Britomart, The Chamberlain is known mainly for their extensive selection of craft beer. However, they also have on offer a flatwhite martini. A twist on the classic espresso martini, the flatwhite martini has vodka, baileys, coffee liquor, and espresso. It is a rich and mouth-watering drink that will be a go to order for many during the winter months.

Coley and Punch

Without Fear | Coley & Punch | 139 Quay Street

When you think of winter drinks, whisky may be at the top of the list, with its ability to warm your insides up instantly. Coley & Punch is a cocktail and whisky bar offering an impressive collection of over 250 premium whiskies. The Without Fear cocktail is made up of Jameson Black Barrel, walnut, Oloroso, maple, and chocolate bitters. A rich and complex cocktail, order it on your next evening in town.

The Jefferson

Grace Kelly | The Jefferson | 7 Fort Lane

The Jefferson can be found down the stairs in a darkly lit and stylishly cosy basement, filled with hundreds of bottles of top shelf whisky. The Grace Kelly cocktail features the classic winter ingredients of hazelnut and cinnamon, alongside vodka, lemon curd, and meringue foam. A classic pie in the form of a naughty little cocktail.

Cafe Hanoi

Autumn Fix | Cafe Hanoi | Corner Galway & Commerce St

On a cold and blustery day come down to Cafe Hanoi and settle in with their Pho Ga, traditional chicken noodle soup and a seasonal cocktail. On the menu is the Autumn Fix, made expertly with Black Magic spiced rum, strawberries, Chambord, lime juice, and Angostura Bitters. Black Magic rum is known for its creamy vanilla flavour with cinnamon and clove notes, a perfect accompaniment to Cafe Hanoi’s spiced pear creme brulee to finish on a high.

Dr. Rudi's

Sparkling Mead | Dr. Rudi’s Rooftop Brewing Co. | 204 Quay St

Mead has been around since ancient times, consumed by the likes of Aristotle and hobbits from Middle Earth. It is a hearty drink that is shared with friends and family, made better only by the miserable weather outside. Lone Bee Manuka Honey Sparkling Mead is made from Clover and Manuka Honey and is the real deal- made without additives, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Last updated: 26 June 2020