During Alert Level 2, Auckland Transport is discounting its public transport fares by 30% for travel at off-peak times to encourage more people to travel during the day and night. 

Throughout this time, there will be a 30% discount on AT HOP fares for adults and tertiary students who travel on weekdays after 9am and before 2.30pm. The discount also applies after 6:30pm, until the end of service, Monday to Friday only. This offer excludes the Waiheke ferry service.

While 1 meter physical distancing is still required at alert level 2, Auckland Transport's buses and trains can only carry around 43% of their usual passengers. This discount during off-peak hours will help ensure that safe physical distancing is maintained between passengers.

Remember no cash payments for fares will be accepted while under alert level 2 and passengers must enter and exit through the back doors. 

For full details on Auckland Transport's discount visit their website, here.

Last updated: 08 September 2020